Biographical / Resume

I am currently working for Amazon if you would like more information about me or about the places I've worked in the past check out my bio page or my resume.

Code / GitHub / Projects

My more recent projects can be found on GitHub and some are self hosted in Mercurial repositories. I also have code on BitBucket and Google Code. The Projects page is an index of the open source projects in which I participate.


I enjoy taking photos and post some of the results on-line occasionally.


I'm in the process of overhauling my blog and will hopefully be writing more soon.


From time to time I speak at local user groups and conferences. Here is a list of those talks along with slides and code-samples when they are available.

Contact Information

Email (mcrute-at-gmail) is my preferred form of communication but I also have a Twitter account, Facebook account and am on Linkedin. You can find me on FreeNode occasionally as mecrute.