Software engineer by day, tinkerer by night. I enjoy supporting and contributing to open source projects. All opinions are my own and don't represent my employers or clients.

I am currently working for Amazon Web Services. If you are interested in hiring me as an employee or a consultant please contact me directly. I would be happy to discuss possible job opportunities and to get you a copy of my resume.

Code / GitHub

Most of my published open source work is available on GitHub but I also self host a lot of code that's either very early stage work-in-progress or where I don't desire the publicity that comes with GitHub. The self hosted code site also mirrors GitHub so if you want a complete view of what's in progress, start there.


Here is an abbreviated list of my current projects. It is up-to-date as of the last build date of this site (see the footer). I'll try to keep it up to date but I typically have a lot of projects in the air and don't always update this page. My Code and GitHub pages are the best place to keep track of these projects.

There are still quite a few projects in development that will eventually be open sourced.


From time to time I speak at local user groups and conferences. Here is a list of those talks along with slides and code-samples where available. Most of my talks since 2014 have been given in-house at Amazon and therefore aren't publicly available.

I'm available to give talks on a wide variety of topics from how to use AWS services to a variety of programming topics and DevOps.


I'm in the process of overhauling my blog and will hopefully be writing more soon.

Contact Information

Email (mike-at-crute-dot-us) is my preferred form of communication but I also have a Twitter account, and am on Linkedin. You can also find me on FreeNode as mcrute.

Other methods can be found on the contact page.

Other Pages